Greatest Zombie Movies

Dawn of the dead (Romero)


This is the quintessential zombie movie.

There are two versions: one was edited by George Romero himself for the US market and made to be less serious in tone for fear of not being able to show it in movie theaters in the US.

The other version was edited by Dario Argento for the European market and it has a darker tone, not least due to more lavish use of the soundtrack contributed by  Italian band Goblin.

A horror movie audience will like the Argento version better. I certainly do. This is the greatest zombie movie ever. Period.

Day of the dead (Romero)


This is the last part of Romeros trilogy of the dead (Night – Dawn – Day.. got it?).

This being a Romero movie you can rely on zombie quality.


Night of the living dead (Savini remake)

This is a remake of the classic Romero movie. It’s a very careful remake and stays very, very close to the original. You can see the respect that Savini has for the classic original and it’s creator Romero. As a result this is a damn near perfect zombie film. Besides the good story and acting, this movie has great zombies, fantastic zombie makeup and adheres strictly to Romeros zombie standards – Total Zombie Quality Management all along. It centers less on the interpersonal aspects and more on zombie action and feels a lot fresher than the original classic. Of course, it IS a lot fresher.


Zombi aka Zombie Flesh Eaters


Lucio Fulci. This is one hallmark movie

Good production value, not cheap looking at all. Lot’s of classic scenes in this one. Although it was misleadingly advertised as the sequel to Dawn of the Dead (which it isn’t).

Directed by the notoriously over hyped Lucio Fulci, this is a true classic in its own right. The story begins in New York, then soon shifts to a remote Caribbean island. This movie defined voodoo zombie theme and has slow moving zombies return from shallow graves in a Caribbean setting.

As with all Fulci movies, this one has a serious problem with pace and timing. Don’t expect to be swept away. The whole movie feels kind of slowish.

However, what Fulci excels at is composing classic scenes and iconic images that stick with you.

It has an underwater scene where a shark, about to attack a diving nude lady, is killed by a zombie. Yes, go ahead, read that again. That’s your quintessential B-movie ingredients right here. We have to say though, had the shark been riding a motorcycle, his attack could have been more successful.

The shark probably left his motorcycle around the corner to make less noise.

It does not get any more B-movie than that, my friends!

This film is really good from a cinematographic standpoint. And the cinematographic standpoint is exactly the standpoint that film experts like me naturally take! The lighting, scenery and composition of the shots make this film very easy on the eyes. Especially when compared to the shot-on-video stuff, that cheap and lazy film makers nowadays want to pass off as professional. It isn’t, films are on film, that’s why they call ‘em that. Videos are shot with a video camera, and that’s what they look like. Never forget that, film-school-geeks!

As with many older movies, the sheer absence of cheap CGI also contributes it’s share to an overall nice movie experience.

Despite it’s flaws, Zombie Flesh Eaters easily makes it on the list of Greatest Zombie Movies.


Land of the dead


Romero delivers another great zombie movie. A good story and acting and high production value. This movie can be considered a sequel to his much earlier films. Zombies in this are more advanced


28 days later


OK, fast moving zombies in this one. What this film lacks in adherence to general zombie guidelines, it makes up in another category: atmosphere. There is no other film that delivers such a beautifully creepy depiction of an empty world scenario. The acting is very good, too.

The whole thing is just classy.


28 weeks later


The sequel to 28 days later, this film is somewhat lamer than the original. It still hits home.


Shaun of the dead


This is an intentionally funny zombie movie. It’s a safe bet for a DVD-night, because everybody will like it.




This one makes every zombie movie list, why not this one?


Dead Alive aka Braindead


This is one of the most notorious splatter movies ever made and a very funny one at this. It deviates from what you come expect in a typical zombie movie, but definately deserves to be on the list.




This one falls under the category of intentionaly funny zombie movies. It’s an original movie for sure, with lot’s of jokes, very high production value and the end is not as stupid as we thought it would be. It still just barely makes it on the list of greatest zombie movies ever, because it’s well made and – being a funny zombie movie – doesn’t have a lot of competition.


Let Sleeping Corpses Lie aka The Living Dead At The Manchester Morgue


This pretty old movie is somewhat unintentionally funny. It has a lot of the spirit of that particular time (the seventies). Or at least what I imagine to be the spirit of that particular time. It seems to me that while most ordinary horror movies are at their heart very conservative in nature, zombie films seem to be the exception. So is this one. Cheesy but entertaining to watch.